Stephen Digital Amazing Before and After - P. Stephen

An Amazing Difference in Your Market

If you have a commercial space, a photograph does not just show what you look like, it is a representation of your business. It reflects your professionalism and ability to stay modern. That is why it is important to show imagery that not only shows off a space, but reflects back upon the appearance of the business.

Below are a few amazing images taken by Stephen Digital photographer Patrick Stephen compared to a standard images you might have taken with an iPhone. The difference is astounding and it all has to do with the unique photographing, lighting and editing done at Stephen Digital.

These architectural buildings have great design, but the before photo just does not do this justice. Stephen Digital wants to create imagery that stands out in a crowd and is meant to be a showcase of the architecture, not just a mediocre representation of it to show what it looks like.

That's the interesting thing about all of these photos, (even the before images) you can still distinguish what the building looks like. However, does it truly represent what it feels like to be in that space at that time? If the before photo was in your advertising, would you be inclined to click on an add or pick up a flyer? That is why we want to create images that best showcase your space. To show it off in a way that accurately represents the architecture, but also presents it in a way that draws attention to your marketing ideas.

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