Capture the Impossible - P. Stephen

Capture The Impossible - Water Studio

The way I see it, photography is about capturing the impossible. Perhaps that is something that could not exist and is created only in a photograph. But more simply, photography captures time. It freezes it into a moment that only existed once and will never occur again.

For this project, I wanted to capture the impossible. I wanted to create something never seen before and I wanted to to it with something everyone sees every single day. Water and light are great factors in our everyday lives. Water sustains us and light motivates us. Photography is especially motivated by light. The physical capture of a photograph is the recording of light in different patterns. What so entrances me with water, is the immense power and diversity in its movements. The smallest drop or the largest wave create unique ripples across water. They interact in seemingly random patterns and combine into chaotic splashes. It is not unlike life itself and its innumerable interactions.

Photography has always been an art of capturing what you see. But it isn't just what you see with your eyes, it is the potential you see in your mind. Capturing the impossible always seemed to be far out of reach. I made excuses as to why I could not create the image I envisioned. What I realized is that photography is not just creative in what you photograph, but in how you photograph. As you can see, the images in this project were created with a homemade water tank - that leaked. Creating compelling imagery requires creative thinking. Imagine big and make no compromises.

Photographs by Patrick J. Stephen Copyright 2016

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