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Creating the 'PTBOCanada Love' Film

For those who have not seen it yet, we partnered with PTBOCanada to release a short video through their social media platforms over the weekend. The film is titled “PTBOCanada Love” (see below, or here). In just a few days the video has amassed thousands of view on many social outlets.

  • Peterborough Lift Locks
  • Downtown Peterborough Ontario
  • Sunrise at Trent University
  • Sunset in Peterborough Ontario.

Our intention in creating this project was to capture the energy and momentum of Peterborough’s social activity. What we came up with was a vague story of people coming together around an idea and celebrating where we are. Everyone has a story and I think we have shown that idea through this film. The story is intentionally subtle so that we could focus on the amazing imagery and beautiful diversity of peterborough and its people. We managed to put together a very rough shot list of places and things we felt needed to be shown to capture Peterborough as a whole and got to work.

Creating the project was an interesting challenge. The goal was to show as much as we possibly could in a very short amount of time. We tried to include as many iconic and unique imagery as possible.  We also wanted to complete the entire video within 1 weeks time.

In the Film are numerous time lapses blended with the realtime and slow motion footage to add extra energy to the film. There were several 5AM sunrise shoots and 9PM sunset shoots to capture everything we needed to tell the story. With such a short amount of time on screen, we had to come up with as many unique ways of presenting Peterborough as we could.

Drone photograph of Peterborough Ontario Heart of Kawarthas.

One of the Key images we needed was an aerial shot of Peterborough to really show the landscape. We worked with local drone operator Steven Mayhew from Yo Steve Productions to get the perfect shot we needed.

We also had some great help with locations and people. We filmed at the beautiful Silver Bean Cafe, Riley's Pub Rooftop, Showplace, the Lift Locks, Market Hall and a several places along the streets. Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the filming, both on camera and off.You can see the feature post on the PTBOCanada website. We had a lot of fun getting out in the community and capturing what we saw. Check out the full video below and enjoy!

Created by Patrick James Stephen, Stephen Digital Photography

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