Hobart's Steakhouse Peterborough - P. Stephen

Commercial Interior Photography at Hobart's Steakhouse in Peterborough

It has been a while, but this project was definitely a great one. I have always believed that a space reflects more than just a place to sit, but a reflection of the people who create it. This commercial shoot for Hobart's Steakhouse in Peterborough is a perfect example. The great food is just part of the experience that begins when you step foot into a restaurant. Everything from colour and furnishing, to glass and utensil arrangement on the tables, it all works to create a great experience.

The Hobart's Steakhouse interior is absolutely beautiful and was a pleasure to photograph. The different styles and moods captured in this single space has an amazing feeling. As it was, I wanted the photographs of this space to reflect this as best as possible. Included also is a photograph (last one) of the newly renovated Bodega Dining room which compliments the style of the building. Hope you enjoy these Commercial Interior Photographs as much as I did taking them!

While cameras are getting better and better every year in terms of image quality, they have never and will never fully capture the photographer's ideas on their own. Because of my preffered style of photography, many of my images have been extensively edited to fully realize what it felt like to be in the great space. Here are some photographs from before editing which clearly do not show the true experience of the architecture.



By. Patrick Stephen - Commercial Architectural Photographer

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