The look and feel of Peterborough architecture - P. Stephen

It's not just about your services, it's about the look and feel of your space

I see many businesses advertising their services, but not their space. Don't get me wrong, having superior services is very important in order to distinguish yourself as a great business, but it's not the only thing. Just think of it this way. If two restaurants serve a hamburger and both businesses advertise a great image of that hamburger, how is a potential customer going to distinguish which one is better. They can't taste it, they can only view two equally good looking images of a hamburger. here lies the problem. It is important to show that hamburger in order to distinguish you market, but by itself, a potential customer cannot tell which burger is better, yours or the store next to you. Therefore you have not really sold your customer that they need to come to your store instead of theirs. 

I think many would agree that there is something else in consumer behaviour which determines where we shop or what food we buy other than the cheapest price for a burger and fries. The difference is the look and feel of your space. Take Lansdowne Place Mall as an example, the open food court and rest areas are not just designed to have a great service and have palace to sit, but is also a place designed to get people comfortable, get social and have a good time. That is why people come to the mall before any of the stores even open... because there is a feeling about the place that just draws people to it.

So, how does this apply to your business? The thing is, people are drawn to a great space. this is why it is important to have imagery that best shows off the feeling of the space. One of those two restaurant could have a better burger than the other, but the difference cannot be seen through images you show of it. In a sense you haven't sold a potential customer on the idea that they should come to your business and not the one next door. But, if you can get someone to fall in love with the feeling of your space and make them want to go there... you've sold them already.

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