PTBO - Beautiful Downtown - Film - P. Stephen

Simply Amazing PTBO

Peterborough is an amazing place. Working on this film project has allowed me to see so many different areas that make up the essence of this community. Many early mornings offered peaceful views of the empty streets. As the sun rises, the morning rhythms are slowly set in motion and the calm turns into an immense energy. Taking the time to stop and pay attention, I have found a new perspective of the Peterborough community. I wanted to capture this perspective through this film and highlight the ingenuity of new businesses, the diversity of the arts and the beauty in the landscapes. 

What I have probably been the most surprised by is the diversity of the community. Painting the picture of this diversity proved to be more of a challenge than I thought since there is simply so much that makes Peterborough the way it is. The food, the entertainment, the fine arts and music, the sports, the landscapes and of course the people. Peterborough has more to offer than a place to live, but a place to grow up in, a place to build a business, a place to experience art and the beauty of nature, and above all, just enjoy life.

Patrick J. Stephen

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