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Has Social Media ever sucked you in? It can be a real time consumer which is not always helpful when running a business. 

finding tools to quicken my workflow are always appreciated and needed since the more time you spend doing social media, the less time you have to actual go out and make money. Sure, social media helps get great attention for a business, but it can often suck up your time and in the end you've spend 3 hours doing almost nothing. That is why it is helpful to have tools and products which better smooth out the workflow of social media sites.

One of these problem areas is uploading images. Every social site uses a different cropping ratio which makes it a time consuming effort to upload and crop every single one of your images. You can check out all of the common crop sizes at this link. But believe me... there's more!

That is why Stephen Digital now offers our architectural digital image files to our clients in all standard social media sizes and aspect ratios to ensure you time isn't wasted and in turn help you get back to making your money. We want to help businesses by not just giving them effective, beautiful and unique imagery, but by offering a top quality photography service to solve your problems, not make more. For more information on our photography services click here.

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